Sunday, September 27, 2009

so my journey has continued despite my commitment issues to this blog.

running has becoming something i look forward to. a little. it does not compare to things like a cup of coffee in the morning, new shoes or a day to sleep in. but it is right up there with hitting all green lights or seeing that the bed is made when i get home. it does however give me a great sense of accomplishment. while it is only a mile to a mile and a half i can do it. i can do it without feeling like my head is spinning or my legs are going to fall off. i can do with consistent breath and no side cramps. it has become my escape for a few minutes where i get to chose the music, i decide where to go and how fast, and lucy the lab just tags along.

i hope to increase my distance soon. which i am sure will bring its own share of problems. self doubt, sore shins and a tired lucy the lab. but it will be good to push myself. right?

the diet is the hardest part for me....we can talk about that later.

here's to another week.

Monday, September 14, 2009

here it goes

i have decided to begin a new journey.

i want to lose weight! i fell as though i have been on this journey forever...the ups and downs of the ever chubby girl. so about a month ago i decided it was time to do something about this ever constant problem and i began to change my diet and consistently exercise more. i looked into and researched a safe weigh loss aid and have incorporated it into my lifestyle.

now i know you are thinking oh she is cheating by taking a pill...well only a little. the pills purpose is to assist you in losing weight but you still have to eat a low fat diet and work your butt off exercising.

so here i am - 3 weeks into taking the pill and have lost 7 pounds (woohoo!)

a friend challenged me to jog with her and i have. i even get up and go alone. so a mile here and a mile there can really make a girl feel great about herself!

my o so loving husband recently purchased wii active for me and i just finished my first full workout on it. the first of a 30 day challenge. i am sweating so much there will probably be a spot on the couch when i stand up. it was great!

so join me on this journey to go down a few sizes in jeans, feel better about myself and maybe accomplish some larger fitness goals...triathlon anyone?

keep on moving!