Sunday, January 18, 2009

surely goodness...follow me

i really had no idea what i was saying yes to when i got married. i had an understanding seeing as how i was raised by two people who were committed to each other and to their family. and a good amount of the people around me were married - for better or for worse. but what did this covenant mean for me.

forever. unconditionally loving someone else who is just as imperfect as i am. doing what is best for us rather than for me. patience and kindness always on the tip of my tongue. double the laundry and dishes.

and i know i don't have it all figured out - nor am i close to figuring it all out, i am however completely convinced that i am the luckiest girl in the world. not that this is a competition - i would hope that every girl has these feelings while around her boy.

anyway - sunday came and did our first six months of marriage. And my life has been completely transformed. i feel as though every memory has brendon in it, i almost have to remind myself that he hasn't been a part of my life forever...for so long i wondered if this person would ever come along and now i have a hard time remembering time without him.

here's to six months. and now moving closer to forever.