Friday, September 10, 2010

taking a moment

i am starting to cherish moments like these. despite missing my husband while he is off at work providing for our little family i have found a certain peace in the quiet of our home. it is filled with things that i like to do. i can clean to my hearts content, i can eat a piece of toast for dinner, work on a quilt or bake up a storm. i watch gilmore girls and old movies filled with dancing and singing. i sit and read. and read. and read.

but even though all of these things are great none of them are as wonderful as my handsome husband walking across the squeaky floor and saying hi to me when he gets done with work.

tonight i baked. i was excited for this all day. i knew that my husband had picked me some zucchini and it was made to be mixed with flour and eggs and a little chocolate to make the most wonderful summer bread. it smells so good. and i cannot wait to have a taste.