Friday, July 25, 2008

my life is packaged, shrink wrapped and tucked in corners all over this apartment. this project began with great order. there was a system as to why that went in this bag and why that got tossed and why that is still sitting where it has been for the last month. then i got tired. after three days of spending every second of my spare time stuffing things in boxes i got sick of cardboard and newspaper and most of all my stuff. so the system went out the window and blew away in the summer breeze. so today i tossed, i taped and danced to the music.

and i got a lot done. although i have no idea where anything is or what fills each box i just know that my drawers are empty, shelves naked and my room has been decorated with a great shade of light brown.

sunday is moving day. the troops are coming in and with trailers and trucks we will move this mountain.

wish us well.

Friday, July 18, 2008

3 weeks.

I always thought that i would be one of those girls that documents their wedding journey for the world to see. Complete with pictures, a cute countdown, and all the juicy details. I thought that would be me, because i live for these things. i love to plan and create. to make order in chaos, to organize the clutter, and color coordinate while i am at it.

but these girls are crazy. i can't begin to imagine where they find the bits of time here and there to dedicate to updating an eager crowd with all the details of their big day and big life to follow.

i think i feel myself sliding into a crazy chair, probably wearing a crazy hat and mismatched clothes - making me quite the crazy girl...

not that i will fill your time with little details of my wedding. but i think it will feel good to write again.

let me start with the crazy...
so three weeks from this moment i will be a bayley. my name will change, my family will grow and i will be a half of a whole. my feelings at this moment are eager anticipation. the details are organized in a 3 ring binder, people are coming out of the woodwork to show their love to brendon and i, and i have a dress.

21 days and counting...
get ready, here we come.