Wednesday, October 29, 2008

oh goodness.

i am in need of no reminder... i have been told and retold that i am awful at this.

i rarely update and when i do my posts lack the enthusiasm that i wish they had.

life gets in the way. as i am sure it does with everyone else too but somehow, someway they make it work. my fellow bloggers sit down, spill their guts, say their piece, hit publish and walk away to scratch one more thing off their to do list.

i can't even find my to do list. let alone my computer.

our office is a disaster zone (not to say that my husbands afternoon spent cleaning went to waste because he did a great job - i can now see the top of his desk and can get to mine without tripping over something). but disaster zones and i do not mix. oil and water. so i avoid the office, which makes me avoid the computer, and my little hopeful blog gets ignored once again.

when we moved into our wonderful apartment this room became the "i don't know where this goes or what to do with it" room. everywhere else is comfy and warm and everything a home that contains sarah and brendon should be. and it isn't so much that we have neglected our duties as responsible apartment owners (which means you use your space wisely because there isn't much) but it really boils down to...almost three months ago we go hitched, took a little vacation and a deep breath. no sooner than we crossed over the ohio michigan border did i get a call for a job interview. then that process began and god blessed me with an amazing job. i worked the old and the new for about a week during which my sister decided to have her baby.

now i am playing catch up. learning the new job and giving most of my energy. the rest gets poured into brendon. and everyone else gets leftovers....sorry!

i will get back on track. soon. i promise. i think it will all begin with cleaning this darn office.

we did however take a brief road trip to visit the in-laws in celebration of my dear husbands birthday. we did an orchard day. take a look.