Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

would it be possible to find you right in the place where you are. to find you there, sitting, breathing, living, loving, and longing. to see you reaching, crying, broken and complete. Is there a chance that this would be okay. that you would know me enough to know that i love you there too.

do you think we could catch a train and ride from place to place, watching as the trees pass by. we would soak up each other, just where we were. not looking for anything else really, just honesty and companionship. we can hold fingers, like long lost friends, every once in a while I will take a deep breath and our shoulders will touch and I will smile, because it will remind me that i am living.

no one will pay attention to us. just two travelers, trying to escape the same distractions as everyone around us. every now and then you will say something funny. and I will laugh from my toes. it will make you smile. we will use our words to tell of things that words will never touch, but I will know what you are saying, and you will understand the underlying details of my petty thoughts. the spaces between us and within us will be filled with love, grace and hope.

I will see a house that I like and point it out to you, your head will nod in agreement. grassy fields will pass us by and call out our names, and like children we will long to run through them. but the train will pass them by, and that will be okay. with each city that passes us by, we leave another thing behind. a worry, a fear, another story…and one by one they will fly out the window, just leaving you and i. we will pretend to be residents in each of the small towns, looking in the windows of someone else’s life and seeing if any of the pieces fit. knowing all along that they don’t, but sometimes it is good to wonder.

i will wish to myself that the train would never stop, because it seems that for a moment we have left here and gone to there…but before I can finish my wish our stop is upon us. walking down the aisle, i can feel your fingers reach for mine. and I will think to myself about how much I love you just where you are. and maybe, just maybe, then you will understand.

does this thing have a reverse....

i began reading through my old xanga a few days ago and found my past.

so i think i will post some on here for a while.

hope you don't mind...whoever you are because i think i write (not often) to amuse myself.

back it up.