Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the excitement is building

we are moving in july.


in the last five years i have moved at least seven times three of these times it was the middle of july. hot, humid, and sticky. last july was a completely different moving experience. i was moving into the apartment that would be the first home in my marriage. we had gifts to unpack and pictures to put up. things we wanted to upgrade and improve. all done as a we. together.

so this july we are relocating closer to the city we work in. it is about 45 minutes south of where we live now and is the town i grew up in. there is a small cottage like house that a friend of ours is renting to us. today we went down and measured the windows and some walls so that we can begin to slightly change it to reflect our tastes. like taking the 40 year old chicken wallpaper off the kitchen walls and repaint the cabinets. the bathroom needs some major loving which could be a bit of project. and the curtains need updating. a splash of this and sploosh of that and we will be all set. throw a dog in and call it home.

tomorrow we head to ikea to get inspired. simple solutions to tricky spaces. and they have food!

wish us well.