Thursday, January 28, 2010

a deep dark secret...

I long to be great at something. To wow the crowd without being the center of attention. To have my father look at me with pride and my mother to look at me with the smile that says you are amazing. To overhear my husband talking about me with the ear to ear smile and affection for his wife dripping from his words. To the kids I hope to have I want them to think I am the greatest, funest, bestest mom ever – not to the standard of the other moms around me but to that of the child that is flesh of my flesh.

Just something small would be great. To be a thinker, a writer, a painter or the best chocolate chip cookies maker. Just something to follow my name.

“Hi I am Sarah...I love to _______ (fill in passion here)”

I understand that as Sarah I have been blessed with many talents and abilities. While others may not wish for the gift of organization or compulsive cleaning, they do make up a part of me. But I wish for something out of the ordinary to be the extraordinary in me.