Thursday, March 3, 2011

morning light....

i open my bible and papers from years gone by spill out.  weekly announcements from churches visited over the last few years, notes taken in haste as to not forget the knowledge being poured out to eager ears, a silly note from my sister that i am so glad i kept.  

the light is pouring through the window.  it is the morning sunshine that welcomes a time of prayer and discovery.  with it comes warmth and comfort as i sink into the familiarity of this moment.  it is a moment of peace, a moment of complete clarity that yes rather than do a task or complete a list i long to come to this book and to this God and rest.  

and i have discovered that HE is meeting me there.  that for all of this time where i have been asking - where are you? why can’t i feel you? where are you guiding this tired soul? - i have been so wrong.  it is not Him who wasn’t there, however it is i that was afraid, unaware and sadly i didn’t think i needed that... i needed grace and i needed worship and i needed to be saved from an eternity in hell but my a la cart faith left me feeling selfish, distant and lacking.  

and now i sit morning after morning, capturing moments throughout the hustle and bustle of the day to pray, to be thankful, to find joy and something in me is awakening.  i have seen a new dawn, i have come to the throne and found my King waiting for me.  

how blessed am i...

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